BARS® Flea & Ticks Drops For Dogs (1 pipette)

BARS® drops against fleas and ticks for cats contain fipronil - 10 mg/ml, diflubenzuron - 1 mg/ml and dicarboximide (MGK 264) - 1 mg/ml (as active ingredients), as well as excipients. BARS® drops against fleas and ticks for dogs contain fipronil - 50 mg/ml, diflubenzuron - 1 mg/ml and dicarboximide (MGK 264) - 5 mg/ml (as active ingredients), as well as excipients. The mechanism of fipronil action (a component of the drug) includes blocking the GABA-dependent receptors of ectoparasites, which impairs the neural impulse transmission causing paralysis and death of ectoparasites. Diflubenzuron, by means of inhibiting the chitine synthesis in parasites, impairs of molting, egg production, and egg hatchability processes terminating the population growth and sustaining. Dicarboximide acts as a synergic drug and is commonly combined with insecticides to increase its efficiency. Dicarboximide prevents microsomal detoxification of insecticides increasing its toxicity for parasites. After dermal drug application active ingredients do not absorb into systemic blood equally distributing along the body surface with further accumulation within sebaceous glands providing long-term protection from ectoparasites. Bars drops against fleas and ticks are related to moderately hazardous substances. The drug does not have resorptive toxic, local irritative and sensitizing effect when administered in recommended doses; induces irritation in case of contact with eyes. The drug is well-tolerated by dogs and cats of various breeds and age. On the other hand, it is toxic for rabbits, as well as for fish and other aquatic organisms. IndicationsUse in dogs and cats above 8 weeks old for treatment and prevention of entomosis (ticks, fleas, lice), sarcoptic mange, notoedrosis, otoacariasis, сheiletiosis and ixodic ticks.

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