Perfecto Bird Mauser Help 20g

Perfecto Bird Mauser Help 20g

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Complementary feed for parakeets and exotics during moulting. With many vitamins, proteins and minerals rich in ingredients.
Nutritional additives / kg: Vitamin A (E672) 1527000 IE Vitamin D3 (E671) 61,000 IU, Vitamin E 7634 mg, 63,000 mcg biotin, niacin 3664 mg, folic acid 183 mg, pantothenic acid 2323 mg, Vitamin B6 916 mg, Vitamin B12 2443 mcg, vitamin C 3664 mg

Crude protein 15.82%, fat content 10.55%, crude fiber 8.15%, raw ash 6.52%

Composition of
millet peeled

recommendations Give your parakeet daily ½ teaspoon in addition to the food during the moulting ½ and outside the moulting.

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