Pets Republic Dry Shampoo Powder 500 g


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UE Kitty Cat Litter Box With Net
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150.00 EGP
Drontal Cat Worming Tablet  x 1
Drontal Cat Worming Tablet x 1
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90.00 EGP

Pets Republic Dry Shampoo Powder 500 g

* Source Vitamin E.
* 500g
* We Love Pets and we understand how to help preserve and clean pets hair and
skin with protect‎.‎

* Our tested new formula is made with pure Comstarch and clinically proven to be
gentle & mild on pet hair and skin‎.‎

* Inactive Ingredients‎:‎ Magnesium carbonates -Starch ‎(‎zea mays‎)‎ -Tricalcium
Phosphate ‎- fragrance- Limonene- Linalool- Geraniol‎-Benzyl Benzoate- Disteray‎-
Idimonium Chloride- Cetrimonium Chloride‎.‎

* Active Ingredients‎:‎ zinc oxide ‎(‎10%‎)‎ .

* How to use dry shampoo‎?‎

1‎-Apply to the roots: get to the roots by sectioning dry hair‎.
‎ 2‎-hand blend: hand massage & blend product into your pet hair from the roots
3- Dry & settle: let it settle and dry to absorb dirt and oils‎.‎
4‎- Style‎.‎

* Zea mays used for its fine and very smooth texture‎.‎
* Its super absorbent.
* Please save your pet‎,‎ don’t use talc powder .
* Non-Talc powder .

Proudly Made in Egypt

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80.00 EGP

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Scent Vanilla or Cantaloupe or Pink Sugar or banana or coconut
Brand Pets Republic
LIFESTAGE Kitten, Adult Cat, Adult Dog, Puppy